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Recent Articles

  • Effect of Dust on the Performance of Photovoltaic System (A Case Study of Quaid-E-Azam Solar Park Bahawalpur, Pakistan)
    Authors: Zeshan Abbas, Khanji Harijan, Pervez Hameed, Farman Bhayo
    Pages: 73-79
  • Comparison of Linear and Non-Linear Methods of Freundlich and Langmuir Isotherm Models for the Adsorption of Lead Using Sugarcane Bagasse
    Authors: Ibrahim Umar Salihi, Nura Bala, Nasiru Danlami, A.Y Abdulfatah
    Pages: 69-72
  • A Preliminary Study of Effects of Preservation on the Biochemical and Microbial Deterioration of Acha (Digitaria exilis, Stapf) in Plateau State, Nigeria
    Authors: Wonang D. L., Deshi S. N., Jelten F.G., Mwanle G.C.
    Pages: 65-68
  • Road Safety Audit Evaluation of Typical Two Lane Divided Highway in Nigeria
    Authors: Nura Bala, Musa Adamu
    Pages: 55-64
  • Wave Analysis of Oscillatory Fingers in Microchannel
    Authors: Zuonaki Ongodiebi, Ukeh Tobias C. O.
    Pages: 50-54
  • Performance of Self-Consolidating High Performance Ternary Blended Concrete
    Authors: Musa Adamu, Nura Bala
    Pages: 44-49
  • Matlab Simulation of 10 MW Molten Salt Solar Power Tower Plant in Aswan
    Authors: M. Qenawy
    Pages: 34-43
  • Strategic and Tactical Systematization of Local/Proximity Short Supply Chains
    Authors: Ioan I. Gâf-Deac
    Pages: 30-33
  • Investigation of Anthropogenic and Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Soil Samples of Kurigram District, Bangladesh
    Authors: M. S. Sultana, A. Rahim, J. Ferdous, A. Begum, M. A. Islam
    Pages: 18-29
  • Model L.D.D Elaboration: E-Learning Document Quality Design
    Authors: Souâd Carpon El Harrassi
    Pages: 8-17
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